“The only truth is I AM – I Exist.

Everything else is a concept."

Ramesh Balsekar

Thank you ...

I am grateful for nature, colours, laughter, love and ice-cream. I am thankful for all the beautiful human beings who inspire, influence and encourage me. Thank you life for making it all come together.

I thank  Alan Watts,  Osho,  Eckhart TolleRupert SpiraGautam Sachdeva, Roger Castillo, Swami Sarvapriyananda and  many other non duality teachers whose teachings guided and fueled my spiritual journey.

I am also very grateful for my friends at SpritualCoffeeShop.com who are all on the path of truth with me; their love and affection add joy and beauty to my life!

I can never express in words my gratitude for my dearest friend and spiritual guide, Holger.

This website would not have  been possible without his dedication, hard work and efforts.  Working on this website together with him on online calls has been the most delightful experience for me. 

Thank you Holger for your time, patience, wisdom and warmth.
Thank you for being so generous and kind.
Thank you for believing in me even when I doubt myself.
Thank you for being!

True love is impersonal – there is no ‘me’ as separate from the ‘other’ person.
What could be more personal than impersonal love?

Gautam Sachdeva